How to Grow Your Small Business with Facebook

Marketing   •   August 6, 2016

Facebook is a powerful social platform that anyone can use to grow a business and to reach more people than ever before. Ignoring the potential that Facebook has when it comes to connecting with your prospects is a mistake that can cause you to fail, but you will need to know how to set your advertisements up properly if you wish to get a desirable outcome. If you don’t want to waste your time and money, learn how to craft powerful headlines that stop people in their tracks. When you follow the right path and have a clear plan to follow, Facebook will work wonders for your small business.

When you are ready to harness Facebook’s marketing platform, you need to navigate to the ad manager page. At this point, you want to decide whether to promote a video, article, website or Facebook page. If you are trying to earn sales or to generate leads, the conversion optimization ad will be your best option. You will be able to place a tracking cookie on the confirmation page that will determine when someone buys from you. Using that information, the ad will then target the audience that is the most likely to take action.

Even with conversion tracking, you won’t get the results for which you had been hoping unless you use compelling and enticing headlines, which does not need to be difficult. Consider the No. 1 benefit that you can provide to your audience, giving you a clear picture. Next, think of the emotional need that your product or service fulfills. The headline that you choose should quickly get to the point and make people want to learn more about your offer. People often test various headlines before they opt to make a final decision, and doing the same will increase your effectiveness.

The top mistake that you can make with Facebook marketing is being overly professional and promotional. Even though you will always want to speak respectfully, keep in mind that people use social media to connect with friends and to seek entertainment. So your followers will not take long to lose interest if you are always trying to sell them something. Offering valuable information, holding contests and providing fun facts will go a long way when it comes to maintaining the attention of your fans. When you are ready to promote a paid product, give your followers access to special deals and discounts as often as possible.

As long as you offer value and do your best to keep your posts fun and engaging, people will start to look forward to reading your updates. With a little luck, one of your posts could go viral in a way that brings a lot of free visitors to your website, and you will enjoy a quick boost in sales. Rather than posting randomly, resolve to submit at least three posts every day if you don’t want to lose fans. Increasing the size of your audience, improving your profitability and growing your business are just a few of the benefits that you can expect from using Facebook marketing correctly.

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