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Project Description




BeneFactor Funding, Corp ( is a financial factoring company that helps businesses grow with funds from their fast and flexible accounts receivable purchase programs. Their existing website and logo were in need of a redesign as they prepared to launch digital marketing campaigns to increase sales leads. BeneFactor Funding, Corp was founded in 1992 by Randall Carter of Denver, Colorado.

Requirements & Deliverables

As a Business Owner, I need more money, right away, and would like to use my accounts receivables (invoices) as collateral.

As a Business, I need a more modern logo and website to prepare for upcoming digital marketing campaigns and to help increase sales leads.

  • Project Objectives and Approach

  • Business Requirements

  • User Research

  • Content Strategy

  • Visual Design

  • WordPress Development


Project Objectives and Approach

Kick-off meeting

  • Identify key stakeholders and invite them to a formal kick-off meeting
  • Discover the 5W’s for the feature
  • Lead an open discussion on how to best facilitate what are thought to be the initial users needs and business goals

Project plan

  • Outline; key deliverables needed to inform design decisions, who is responsible for completing them, when they were due and how we’ll communicate (e.g. setting expectations)

Business Requirements

Stakeholder interviews

  • Interview business stakeholders to gain more insight on what their goals are and what data points need to be extracted
  • Document each interview via interview template

Competitive analysis

  • Study several direct and non-direct competitors solutions for similar features and design patterns
  • Capture screenshots of workflows
  • Design a competitive landscape matrix

User Research

  • Work with the subject matter experts at BeneFactor to learn more about their current audience

Content Strategy

  • Inventory content that we have now (images, videos, pdf’s, text, etc.)
  • Discuss what content needs to be created/updated (marketing, help content, error messages, etc.), who will be doing it, and how often it needs to be updated
  • Organize/group all content and attributes in a spreadsheet (content matrix)
  • Prioritize content (hierarchy) and define where content would be best placed
  • Distribute content matrix to executives and other stakeholders

Visual Design

  • Create mockups that represent the exact design of the pages of the web app
  • Generate a visual style guide that outlines the common fonts, colors, logos, images and interface patterns
  • Use the visual designs as the standard for acceptance testing

WordPress Development

  • Using CSS, HTML and JavaScript develop a custom WordPress theme
  • Test the design on multiple devices to ensure consistency and usability when responsive
  • Package and deliver the site on the server

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